Grand Hotel a Villa FeltrinelliGrand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli
Gargnano (BS) | Italy

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Sublime Flavours

Flavours that remain in your memory and dishes that fill you with admiration, like true works of art. Cuisine that first and foremost, touches the heart, created with study, quality and passion.


loving hands

Uniqueness is the unmistakable signature of chef Stefano Baiocco whose skilful hands and fresh creativity reinterpret traditional flavours using both simple ingredients as well as more complex and sophisticated components.


At Villa Feltrinelli food becomes revelation and innovation, amazing proof that harmony of flavours and refined dishes are the result of the efforts that the chef, along with his entire team, make for each guest. 

Discreet Marvel

The restaurant
The restaurant
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Villa Feltrinelli has closed for the season.
For 2022 room reservations, please contact our Reservations Office.