Grand Hotel a Villa FeltrinelliGrand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli
Gargnano (BS) | Italy

Endless Beauty

The vastness of a place that caresses the soul, the stillness of water that soothes the mind and the sincerity of a nature that always regales unforgettable images. Lake Garda, cradle of an ancient and immense culture, wraps Villa Feltrinelli in its unmistakable grace.


Fresh water that calms the mind and regenerates the spirit, a mild climate that always offers fascinating landscapes and flora that feels protective and encouraging.

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peaceful wonder

Before your eyes lies a serene expanse of wonder from where you can get anywhere you desire.


To beautiful Verona, city of love and lyric opera; to Venice with its canals and art on every corner; or Milan, where fashion is the absolute protagonist.

Grand-Hotel-Villa-Feltrinelli-Lake-Garda-06-a mild climate that always offers fascinating landscapes
Lake Garda
Lake Garda
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